Debut Album

We finished mixing our album. 


Bachelor Paul said...


Blind Man's Colour said...


Michael said...

contact clint @ destijl records

adamfitz22 said...

dude please send that thing out i want it, i can't believe people aren't chopping at the bit to get to you guys, just send it to sub pop or this one really really indie label i love called park the van records, if people are taking clues from animal collective (which they should be) then blind mans colour has it made

Blind Man's Colour said...

its adam again!

thanks alot man srsly.
we've got some secret big labels workin right now, no worries, the time will come...soon

LiquidHeaven said...

Can I put some stuff on my blog?


I liked the first two songs from myspace, not the third as much. First was my fave.

Blind Man's Colour said...

thanks. im sorry you didnt like the third song as much.
you can most definitely post anything from on here or ones that other blogs have posted.