new mp3

we have'nt started writing new album material yet, but heres a little jam of us just messing around

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David July said...

Hey guys first off i heard 1 of your songs on Kanye West blog and i really enjoyed it, i know you guys get this all the time, but i would love to create some music with you guys. My name is David July im a 21yr old producer i currently have a managment deal with one of the guys from Sa-Ra (Om'mas Keith)im not looking for any money from you guys just want to work with some creative people. Some of the people i've worked with.
Mario Winans, Puff Daddy, The Carps, Jay-z, Sa-Ra. I want to email you guys some tracks. Or maybe we can just speak on the phone, but email me first redcarpetrickylive@yahoo.com if your intrestead