Offical Album Release Day

so we've been in new york for the past week, playing shows with cool bands, shooting an amazing music video for "the warm current's pull" and hanging out with great people.

we're home now and it is the day of our "Season Dreaming" album release, on vinyl, cd and iTunes. If you want to check it out before spending your money, Stream the full Album Here

thank you everybody!


Rodrigo said...

i've just heard it and it's awesome!!! congrats!

you-x said...

yay! congratulations. just heard your ac covers and fell in love. streamed the album and i'm really liking it.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think they have to go to NYC to make a video?
Produced & shot in St. Pete-
Nice to hear you on NPR though!

Blind Man's Colour said...

cool video vansoup. we were in new york for 3 concerts put on by our record label, and hooked up with a video director.

Blind Man's Colour said...

Never Hope for Treasure was shot right at home!