Unfortunately due to personal issues we had to cancel our trip to SXSW this year. It is far too short notice for all the people who worked to book us and all and it's not fair to them. But we are unable to make it. Hope noone out there was actually planning to see us :/



Ella said...

Dear blind man's color. I'm searching and searching and looking for season dreaming here in Sweden, and I want it so badly. The shipping will be more expensive than an 18 year old fashionista's Jeans and I'm poor and 16, HELP me

Ella said...

oh and yeah I'm lamorochlianer.blogg.se OR ellaodencrants@hotmail.com that's me.

Taylor Channing said...

We definitely missed the both of you at SX. Just ordered Season Dreaming, and am considering buying a record player specifically for Wooden Blankets. It's well worth it.

Until we get a chance to see you perform here again,

All Warmth From ATX.

Blind Man's Colour said...

that means so much to us, taylor. thanks for everything.

much love